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Alright, the tournament is finallyyy out! So first off, this tournament was named “The Asylum” and it’s a unique tournament, with a prize included. Now, the prize won’t be said now, but it’ll be good ! Now, like I said players that are now currently blacklisted are still able to participate within the tournament, but if you are blacklisted for cheating, you have to record every scrim and post it within twenty four hours or your team will be kicked from within the tournament. No exceptions whats so ever, 24 hours. This tournament also has special twists that will be announced at the end! Now, what makes this tournament special? It’s not a team tournament, its a community tournament. Therefore, that means teams must consist of one player from each team. Example - 1 Player from AUT, one from NGA, one from CAD. one from EVO, and one from NRG makes one team. If you have 2 players from NGA for example, and 3 others, then its an auto deny. However, we will let players make their own teams and submit them to a link, you can make a unique team name for the tourney. Also, you MUST have 6 players on your team. 5 Players and a sub, you cannot have less than six players and you cannot have more than six players.

Link (to apply) https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d...CGZn5hb4YKb5Bz4SOtH3zpasdkS67K3eGOhQ/viewform

"The Asylum" || MSCL Tourney Trailer

You will have until Sunday (9/11) to submit a team application. Any players who change their team from now will be counted as part of their old team. This way Person A on NRG for example can't join CAD only for the tourney so he can team up with someone in NRG. Therefore, as of now (9/7) is how rosters and teams will be checked. Any roster updates from now won't affect the tourney.
Hello everyone!

Some excited news for people who want to showoff their team art and record their scrims! The MCL Media team and I have constructed the official Mineplex Competitive YouTube channel & Team pages!

YouTube Channel
That is right folks, you can view the channel by clicking here http://bit.ly/2cBGYzX. The channel will consist of event announcements, scrimmages of the 3 leagues and even your videos!

You guys can submit your video by going here: https://mpcleague.org/showcase - if it gets accepted it will be showcased on the MCL channel. Please make sure you read all of the rules for sending in your video, if your video doesn't meet the criteria then it will be rejected.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Media team leader Vertigo.

League Discords
That's right, each league in the MCL has their own Discord which will be replacing Skype. Don't worry though, if you are a team leader you will get a Team Leader role to chat in the #leaders to setup scrims, and talk with other team leaders.

If you are not a team leader, don't worry either! You will be able to talk in the general chat with everyone else who has joined the Discord. Each league has their staff, so if you have any questions or concerns, just contact them!

Champions Competitive League: https://discord.me/ccl/
Mine-Strike Competitive League: https://discord.me/mscl/
Bridges Competitive League: https://discord.me/bcl/

Once you join you are officially apart of the Discord! If you need your team leader rank, contact any member of Management.
Hey everyone!

The Champions League team has a major update to bring you guys and it's pretty important for players who are interested in learning about the league and also getting their team into the league.

As some of you may know, the CCL (Champions Competitive League) had over 80+ teams, with about 2 dozen inactive teams, many issues within the league itself, etc. This update covers all of this!

Here is a quick cap of the CCL update:
  • Champions Trial League has been removed
  • Maximum of 24 teams allowed in the CCL
  • Points system have been removed
  • Placement Games implemented

Champions Trial League Removed
Sadly, the Champions Competitive Trial League will be getting removed and will no longer be a "program" or "step" within the CCL. The CCL Team have an abundant about of responsibilities to do within the league itself and we don't have enough "extra time" to manage another league (in reality, a sub-league). Hiring more staff is not the solution, please do not suggest this as we have enough staff to do a lot within the league, getting about 2-3 more managers just to manage a sub-league won't be necessary.

CCL Team Cap
With the amount of teams we had in the league, we were not able to keep on managing all of the teams and all the update requests that were being made. We had many reasons to limit/cap the amount of teams:
  • Teams not knowing what the CCL was
  • Skilled teams comp scrimming new teams for wins
  • Inactive/Dead teams
  • Required games not being done
  • Huge amount of update requests and team issues
The only solution to this was putting a cap that was "just right". No certain cap was perfect as nothing is perfect, however with the team cap, we can see which teams are good enough to be in the league

Placement & Required Games Implemented
Placement Games work a little like required games....
Hello everyone!

As the title says, the new website is complete! Now, for those wondering what happened to the old website, a lot of stuff happened that doesn't really need to be told to the public. Anyway, moving on with the site, yes it's entirely new and unfortunately, everything is going to have to start fresh.

We now have an official Mineplex Competitive League twitter! You can visit it here: https://twitter.com/mpcleague. If you ever need help, just tweet at us and one of the league managers will reply. Another way to contact us is visiting the Contact Staff forum and creating a thread. The thread will only be visible to higher-up staff.

We also have integrated a FAQ into the new site. You can visit it by clicking 'FAQ' at the top or typing in https://mpcleague.org/faq into your web address bar. Anything you should know may be in there already, before you ask the staff! If the answer you're looking for isn't already there, then you can ask a question by looking for the Ask a Question button on the left. A staff member will do the rest :)

We have added an amazing feature to the site, in which allows you to show off your artwork or videos! Just click the Media tab at the top and browse some videos or art others have made. You can also rate and download them as well.
Note inappropriate videos and/or images is strictly prohibited and can result in a forum ban.​