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Mineplex Competitive League

Hello, everyone!

I am pleased to announce that the Battle of The Bridges Tournament is now over. It was an awesome month of non-stop competitive games every weekend, capturing amazing highlights, and showing off your skill in Bridges.

The Mineplex, MCL and Tournament Staff Team thank everyone who participated and played, we hope you enjoyed it :).

I want to congratulate the following teams and players:
1st - Dauntless: Trajectories, ace771, Vial, chaseymichael, txh, wwhockey, LOTR, eMoa, Rabious, Neondarkness711, Wydz , Oleev, Silica, iMeepo, gr8p
2nd - Ish13Club: ish13c, Arcrean
Chiefblaze, CourtingSole, DetectiveeDeMo
FireballX3, AKSNIPER, MrJituh
Mantish, MutantPlayzYT, pinkwinx10 Shrekbae, VikkFTW
3rd - Duh Destroyars: Amren, Soound, sweaty_tryhard, Hida, JTB2k, Simulation, ImFadingAway, Vejar, SosaStyle, ToxicKatz, Creeping_Assasin, Ch3ch0, IrrelephantNews, Xx_pvp_xX176, appleisred
The prizes will be awarded soon, if you didn't get the prize within a week, please contact a Tournament Manager.

The Mineplex and MCL Team wants to know how you felt about the tournament! Please give us your honest opinion so we know what area we need to work on for future tournaments. You can submit your feedback at https://mpcl.link/d3rad

Also, comment down below what you think the next tournament should be! We're going to be creating many more tournaments (#Summer2k17Tourney)

We thank everyone who played, applied and enjoyed the tournament! Theres many more yet to come :D
Hello, everyone!

I am excited to say that we're now in the Final Stage of the Battle of The Bridges Tournament! I want to say good job to the 24 teams that advanced and good job to the 24 teams that didn't advance! You guys played good and it was awesome watching you guys play!

Now, we're finally done with the schedule and it's all been updated!
Click here to view the SCHEDULE
Click here to view the BRACKET
Click here to view the TEAM ROSTERS

Round 1 starts tomorrow (Sunday) at 12pm EST! So, get those cups of coffee ready and chugged :D. I also want to thank our tournament staff and commentators for helping the management team with the organization of the event so far, kudos to those nerds :p.

NOTE: It's now single-elimination, meaning once your team loses, that's it, you're out! So, make sure you're ready as you will be playing against teams that have some skill.

Also, if you want to check out the games that were live streamed, you can do so on the MCL YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/MCLMineplex!

If you have any issues or concerns, please contact a Tournament Manager (red name) on the MCL Discord: https://mpcleague.org/mcl.

Good luck to the 24 teams playing, and congratulations to the 8 teams that are getting a bye, you guys earned it and will get a weekend to relax before playing again!
MineStrike Competitive League - Season 3
Hello, everyone!

The entire MSCL team is excited to announce the start of Season 3! We have so many new things to announce to you all, read the entire post to see what's been added.

As many of you know, the MSCL and DPL merged, the DPL had a cool stats website which featured:
  • Teams
  • Players
  • Leaderboards
    • Ranking
    • Kills
    • Deaths
    • KD
    • Rating
  • Player of the week!
  • .. and much more to come!
You can access the website at https://mscl.mpcleague.org. Please keep in mind that the website is still in development and you may experience some bugs!

The teams and players currently displayed will be reset and refreshed for the new batch of teams starting Season 3.

Yep, that's right! The MineStrike League is accepting team registrations. You can apply by going to https://mpcleague.org/forums/mscl-application and clicking Submit Registration at the top right.

Please be patient for a league manager to process your application. Asking and rushing staff to view your application will result in a denial and possibly disabled to apply again.

The MCL Global Team has worked extremely hard to get the MSCL Mod approved and we're excited to say it's been approved!

The mod features:
  • Custom stats
  • Many anti-cheat features
  • ... and a lot more!
You can view the Mod Documentation at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HzZ0zNnGwuwdPrDXbzUL3XU_JE4nA3yS0N9Nj9fPl1s

You can download the mod by CLICKING HERE

  • Added Cobblestone
  • Added Train
  • Added smokes back to...
Hey, everyone!

We are pleased to say that the tournament is 1 week away from beginning, yay! Below you will be able to find the team rosters document, schedule, and bracket!

We want to thank the 140+ people that applied their team! We want to say we are so happy to see that so many of you were excited to participate and anxious to see if your team got accepted. I want to congratulate our 48 teams that were accepted and wish them good luck on the battlefield!

You can find the list of teams and roster by CLICKING HERE.
You can find the schedule by CLICKING HERE.
You can find the bracket online at http://mpcleague.challonge.com/botb
Read below to find out information about how Groups work!

Schedule times are Eastern (EST). You can use this time zone converter (recommended) if you do not know how to convert your timezones.

Many of you are wondering what the groups are. Well, to explain it quickly, it's:
  • There is a total of 4 teams per group.
  • 2 wins = moving onto final stage
  • 2 losses = eliminated from tournament
  • 2 wins (with no losses) = moving onto final stage with a bye (you skip Round 1 in the final stage)
Explained in words:
if you lose Round 1: Your team gets moved down to the Losers Round 1 to play again and redeem yourself one last time.
if you lose Round 1 of Losers round: You are eliminated from the tournament. (since you lost 2 rounds)​
if you win Round 1: Your team gets moved to Round 2
if you win Round 2: Your team advances onto final stage, congratulations!
if you lose Round 2: You...​
Hello, everyone!

The Mineplex Competitive League is pleased to announce the official Battle of the Bridges Tournament! Hosted by the Mineplex Competitive League.

Tournament Structure
  • The tournament will be a single-elimination event. This means if your team is eliminated from the tournament. Only one team from each match that moves on to the next round.
  • Each match will consist of 2 teams with 10 players per team.
  • A match win is determined by the team that won that 1 round
    • Round 1, 2, and 3: Will only have 1 match on Volcanic
    • Semifinals: If your team makes it to the semifinals, you will be doing best out of 3 (3 matches)
    • Finals: If your team makes it to the finals, it will be best out of 5. Whoever wins this round will win 1st place, the loser will be 2nd place and the winner of the Bronze match will be 3rd place winner.
  • Teams will be scheduled by Tournament Managers on weekends so there is a better chance of the teams making it.
Rules and Guidelines
  • All of Mineplex’s Rules will apply www.mineplex.com/rules.
  • Matches will start at assigned date and time. You will be messaged by a tournament staff member 30 minutes before your team is scheduled to play.
    • You must have the players ready 5-10 minutes before your team is scheduled to play so we don’t delay the time.
  • If any team has fewer than 10 players, that team must play “as-is” with the amount of players they have.
  • Tournament staff will not be able to ref that round if they are playing in your team.
  • You can not ask for extra time on your game, we have a schedule we will need to follow.
Team Registrations
The tournament team registrations will be handled and processed by Tournament Managers on the MCL website.
  • You must be in the MCL Discord:...
Hello everybody! The CCL Advisory Board and Management team have been working hard these past few weeks to fix discrepancies in the rulebook and bring changes that will benefit gameplay. In addition to this, we've got a fresh batch of required games for you guys (due February 5).

As always, you can view the CCL Rulebook here: https://mpcleague.org/cclrules

We also are opening Team Applications once again! We are currently looking for 2 teams to be added into the CCL. So get some friends together and apply before all spots are gone!

Apply here: https://mpcleague.org/forums/ccl-application/

- Removed Gulley
- Removed Forest
- Added Excavation Camp
- Removed Viper Strikes ban
- Removed Dwarf Toss limit
- Added Glitch Abuse rule
- Added Best of 3 format rule
- Added Account Alting blacklist & warning points
- Added Playoff, Placement scrims, & Required scrims rules
- Added ELO system
- Added Blacklist ELO penalty
- Added Incomplete Req Game ELO penalty
- Added Vape Client rule
- Added admitting to cheating rule

[EU] Vendetta vs [EU] Serpentine
[EU] Primal vs [US] Milk
[US] Cookies vs [US] Exalted
[US] Dentless vs [EU] Conquer
[US] Tilt vs [US] Huntsmen
[US] 9th Legion vs [EU] Elixir
[US] Allah vs [US] Eclipse
[US] Eggrolls vs [US] Filthy Snakes
[US] Synergy vs [US] Delta
[AU] Broken Bars vs [AU] Eternal
[US] Reliant vs [US] Gallant
[US] Evolved vs [US] FinalSpark
[US] Infinity vs [US] Orange
[US] Elemental vs [US] Marauders
[US] Asylum vs [EU] Nadox
Hey, everyone!

I am pleased to announce the release of the Commentator Team. This team will be responsible for streaming scrims, events, and tournaments on our streaming platforms:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MCLMineplex
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/mineplexleague
Beam: https://beam.pro/MineplexLeague

Before applying please make sure you meet the minimum requirements:
  • At least 14 years old
  • Have a good microphone
  • Have some experience in streaming / commentating
  • Not afraid/shy to talk to viewers live
  • Have a strong enough internet to stream in high quality (720p+)
  • You are enthusiastic!
As a commentator you will (most likely) be talking to a large crowd and we don't need rocks (people who don't speak) streaming.

You can view a full list of commentators by CLICKING HERE.

I am the Commentator Manager, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me on Discord: Vilare#8696 or send me a PM on the site. I look forward to seeing your application :)

Hey, everyone!

I am so glad to announce that the Divinity Pro League will be merging with the Mine-Strike Competitive League. This announcement will explain everything about the merge and how it will be operating.

What's going on?!
That's just the simple way of explaining things. However, there will be many questions in regards to the merge, but we have answered them already!

We will be breaking up the merge into 3 Phases. This will help the MCL Management team make sure everything goes smoothly and there aren't any issues during the process, as well to make sure nothing is rushed and we're doing things randomly.

This phase will be the initial merge:
  • Transferring over to new Discord
  • Migrating staff
  • Settling in and making sure phase 1 goes as planned
  • Getting teams transferred over to the new system
  • Releasing new site to public
  • Everyone is settled and happy! :)
  • Season 3 starts
If your question wasn't answered please ask in the comments below and we will give you an answer :)

Why is the merge happening?
The merge is taking place to bring both communities together and expand the Mine-Strike Competitive players. 2 brains work better than one.

What is happening to the DPL website?
Their website will be directing to ours @ https://mpcleague.org

Will there be a new League Director?
Yes, coldzira will be the new Mine-Strike Competitive League Director....

We have added bots to our league Discords and they come with some cool features like viewing a team roster, and even updating your team through Discord!

First things first, you need to be in one of our Discords: Champions Discord | Mine-Strike Discord | Bridges Discord. Then, according to the Discord you're in, you will type: !cclhelp (Champions), !msclhelp (Mine-Strike), and !bclhelp (Bridges).

You will get a response from the according bot which should look something like this:

Help - !cclhelp: The help is to bring up that message again.

Player - !player <name>: This command can be used to search for anyone that is on a team. When searching for a player it will show you this:
If the player is not on a team, the bot will tell you.

Report - !report <player> <server> <offense>: This command will alert all referees in that league. When you file a report, our staff see this:
NOTE: Please understand if you abuse this command and spam this with false information you will be blacklisted from using any commands of the bot.

Roster - !roster <team name>: This command will print out the entire roster of their team and position (if it's Mine-Strike it prints out what role they play: AWP, Rifler, Support, etc.)

Update - !update: This is the coolest feature it has, this will be able to allow you to update your team immediately through...
Hey, everyone!

I am pleased to announce that the Champions Competitive League has started! First off, with the new league comes a new Manager. I want to welcome BM5 to the CCL Management team. He's worked hard as an Advisor and has contributed a lot of time to the CCL.

Secondly, I want to introduce the 15 teams being accepted for Season 5:
  • [US] Allah
  • [US] Asylum
  • [EU] Conquer
  • [US] Eclipse
  • [US] Eggrolls
  • [US] Evolved
  • [US] Exalted
  • [US] Filthy Snakes
  • [US] Gallant
  • [EU] Nadox
  • [US] Orange
  • [US] Synergy
  • [US] Tilt
  • [EU] Unorthodox
  • [EU] Venus
Many changes have arrived at the CCL:
  • A new rulebook has been created by the Global Management team and the CCL Advisory Board!
  • This rulebook includes new EU vs. US match rules, new blacklist rules, new scrimmage disconnect rules, and updated gameplay restrictions.
  • Forest has been accepted as a competitive map.
  • The CCL Document has been updated to a more user-friendly appearance.
  • Standings will now be loosely based on an ELO system. No more subjective rankings! (Only Management will be able to see your ELO until further notice)
  • New League cap at 32 teams for easy bracket-style playoffs and future tournaments (SoonTM).
You can access the new rulebook at https://mpcleague.org/cclrules

If you haven't done so already, make sure to join our CCL Discord at https://mpcleague.org/ccl and follow our twitter at twitter.com/mpcleague

Good luck to all of the new teams and happy scrimming!

- CCL Management