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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the BCL?

To join the BCL, you must first join the BCL Discord.
After joining the BCL Discord, you must either create or join a team.
  • In order to create a team, you must have a minimum of 8 players.
  • If you would like to join a team, you can ask if any teams are recruiting in #hub.
  • You can also PM a person with a pink "Team Leader" tag asking if you can join their team.
If you join a BCL Team, your leader will be responsible for sending in a team update request to get you added to the BCL document. However, if you create a team you are responsible for sending in a team registration form.
If you have any questions about how to join the BCL, please message a BCL Staff Member on discord.
  • BCL Director's Discord: Futastic#7150
  • BCL Manager's Discord: Ace#3835
  • BCL Manager's Discord: Bob#3889
  • BCL Manager's Discord: Nerdz#8383


Why is soundboosting allowed?

Mine-Strike is closely related to CSGO. In Mine-Strike you cannot hear footsteps well. If you would like to boost your sounds for a more "CSGO"-esque feel, this is fine.

Which skills are banned in the CCL?

There are some banned and limited skills within the CCL. Here's the list of them as of right now.
  • Only one Hold Position Knight or Void Mage maximum per team in a game.
  • Explosive Arrow is capped at level 2.
  • Only one Inimidation brute maximum per team per game
  • Only 2 brutes maximum per team in a game
  • Only one Colossus Brute maximum per team in a game.

Which maps are allowed in the CCL?

The following maps are allowed to be played in scrims:
  • Hidden Insights
  • Amazon
  • Twin Peaks Extreme
  • Excavation Camp

Where is the CCL Document?

You can view the league document here.

Where can I find the staff?


Where can I find all of the rules within the CCL?

The full rule book can be found here. If you have any questions feel free to ask a Manager.

When will matches be scheduled?

All of the matches will be scheduled on the weekend. We want to make sure everyone will be able to play and attend the games.

What's an Eco-Round?

An Eco-Round consists of buying very little items, approximately spending less than $1000. When buying on an Eco it's most common to purchase either grenades or kevlar. In different scenarios some players attempt buying a semi-expensive gun to do a bigger impact. The main idea is to save your money for the following round so you and your team can buy together.

What is the Advisory Board?

The advisory board is a team of 7 players that test new updates we're releasing, including new rules, and/or new features being added, summed up the Advisory board gets to test all new things into the league before they release and they release things themselves! The 7 players also report any problems that need to be fixed! The advisory board is going to have a group of 7 players for each individual league.

What is ELO and how does it work?

The Minestrike Competitive League now uses an ELO ranking system to rank teams into five separate tiers. An ELO ranking system is a mathematical method of calculating the skill and placement of each team in the league. The highest tier achievable in the league is Tier 1, and the lowest is Tier 4.

When two team face each other, the winner will gain a certain amount of ELO, and the losers will lose ELO. The amount of ELO gained and lost depend on the teams that are playing. There will also be ELO reductions to teams that receive blacklists and fail to complete required and placement matches.

What is an MCL Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a helper in the MCL Discord. They work with the Management team is making sure the discord is running smoothly and answering any questions the community may have. The members have a lot of experience within the MCL and its leagues.

There are currently no applications to apply for this team. Stay tuned to our Discord for more information on when we release this program. https://mpcleague.org/mcl

What is a Global Director and Global Manager?

Global Directors are 'executives' of the MCL. They oversee all three leagues, make final decisions in the decision-making body of leagues and make sure the league directors are operating their league accordingly.

The 1 Global Director is: @AJ | Trajectories (aj@mpcleague.org)

Global Managers assist the Global Directors with overseeing the three leagues. They manage and evaluate the staff and make sure they're doing their jobs. They make sure newly promoted managers are trained with their new responsibilities and help them with any issues they may have.

The 3 Global Managers are: @GUNZxNxROSEZ (rommel@mpcleague.org) , @Malfunction (danny@mpcleague.org) and Naxyi (naxyi@mpcleague.org)

What if a player on my team gets banned before the tournament?

That is up to them and you (team leader) to figure out. We do not handle appeals or any of that sort, you'll need to appeal and hope it's removed before the tournament starts.

This is why we have you apply with 15 players so you have extras just in case.

What do we do when we don't have enough players for a game?

If it's a casual/friendly you can just ask people to sub in. It doesn't matter if they're in your team or not.

If it's a league scrim, you then have 15 minutes after the original game start time (the referee can extend this time depending on the circumstance) to get 5 players for the game. Otherwise you'll have to either forfeit, which will result in the other team winning the game, or you can play a 3v5/4v5 against the other team. You're still able to get subs from your team to make it a 5v5.

What do I do if I think a player is cheating in a casual and/or a league scrim?

Whenever you find that a player seems suspicious just call for a Screenshare. A Screenshare is the method MSCL refs use to find out if a player is cheating in the game. (Via Skype/Join.Me). Whenever a Screenshare is called upon it is heavily recommended to get a ref that knows how to SS and/or the managers of the league, MSCL Director, or even the Global Director. However if the case is ever to happen punishments can be made if somebody who wasn't mentioned above brings up strong detailed evidence to get the player blacklisted.

What are the roles?

Each of the roles, for example, "Rifler, AWP, Support, Lurker and Entry", are all roles that people play as when you are on a team. Usually. you put your player that is the best at using rifles as a rifler. You usually put people who use a sniper rifle to the best of their ability as an AWPer. You don't need to fill all these roles to in order to join the league, but they are helpful.

What are the Kit Limitations for Bridges?

The Kit Limitations are as follows:
  • 1 Apple per 5 players (2 Max)
  • 1 Berserker per 3 Players (3 Max)
  • 1 Brawler per 3 Players (3 Max)
  • 1 Archer per 4 Players (2 Max)
  • Unlimited Miners
  • 1 Bomber per 5 players (2 Max) - Cannot be used on Icelands, Raeburshire Citadel & Oriental Kingdom and cannot blow bridges up.
  • 1 Destructor per 3 Players (3 Max), but cannot be used on Raeburshire Citadel & Oriental Kingdom

What are Required Games?

Required Games are games that your team is required to play to continue to progress within each individual season per game league.
  • If both teams do not participate in their required game, both teams will be disqualified.
  • In order for Required Games to be official, there must be a Referee at every required game, so please schedule accordingly!
  • You must play your required game prior to the time your game is due.

What are MSCL Required Games?

Required games are issued by the league staff to be completed by the teams involved. The teams are given until the end of the month to schedule a required game with their opponent, and failure to schedule one may result in a kick from the league. Once you've come up with a time for this, contact a manager to add it to the doc.
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