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Bridges League

Bridges Competitive League

All FAQ's about the Bridges Competitive League.

What are the Kit Limitations for Bridges?

The Kit Limitations are as follows:
  • 1 Apple per 5 players (2 Max)
  • 1 Berserker per 3 Players (3 Max)
  • 1 Brawler per 3 Players (3 Max)
  • 1 Archer per 4 Players (2 Max)
  • Unlimited Miners
  • 1 Bomber per 5 players (2 Max) - Cannot be used on Icelands and cannot blow bridges up.
  • 1 Destructor per 3 Players (3 Max), but cannot be used in Seasons.

What are BCL Rank Modifiers and Tier Modifiers?

Rank Modifiers and Tier Modifiers are Competitive Matches that can change your placing in the rankings. A Rank Modifier allows a team to rank up in their tier by challenging the team above them in the rankings, if they lose they stay in their spot, if they win they rank up. A Tier Modifier allows you to move up in tiers only if they are the top in their tier, they can challenge the next team above them that is in a different tier and win in order to rank up in tiers.

How do I view my Bridges Team's standings?

You can view all team standings on the official BCL document.

Simply scroll down, and you will see a chart that looks like this:

Locate your team, and observe your position within the league.

How do I see Bridges Team rosters?

You can view the roster of all teams on the official BCL document.

Along the bottom of the page, each individual team will have their own tab.


Simply locate your desired team and click on the tab to view the roster.

How do I register my Bridges Team?

You can register your bridges team here.

*Please note, you will need knowledge of the league prior to applying to assure you are fit to join.

How do I know what games my Bridges Team are required to play?

All Required Games can be found on the official BCL document.

Required Games are found next to standings on the 'Homepage' tab of the document.


How do I join a Bridges Team?

You can join a bridges team by searching through team recruitment here. You can also contact team leaders and request if you can join their team.

How do I disband my Bridges Team?

You can disband your team by submitting this form.
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