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EU vs. US Scrims

Sometimes you will get matched up against a team that is not in your region (your team is US and the other is EU, or vise versa).

You and the other team leader have to schedule the date and time for the scrim, as you normally would. However, when picking maps both of you have to chose one of the following maps:
  • Hidden Insights
  • Twin Peaks Extreme
  • Amazon
  • Excavation Camp
Once you're both done picking one map that you and your team prefers, you move on to scheduling the other areas. You both have to decide who plays on what region first (playing on US Mineplex first or EU Mineplex first). Once that is established, you have to wait for the time of the scrim you scheduled with the leader.

If a team wins 2 on US and 1 on EU, they win (or vise versa). If the teams are tied (2-2) then you will need to add up the scores of all the matches you played.

If you need help, contact a league manager to help sort out this scrim.
Champions League
Aug 28, 2016
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