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All FAQ's about the Mineplex Competitive League.

Where can I find the staff?


What is the Advisory Board?

The advisory board is a team of 7 players that test new updates we're releasing, including new rules, and/or new features being added, summed up the Advisory board gets to test all new things into the league before they release and they release things themselves! The 7 players also report any problems that need to be fixed! The advisory board is going to have a group of 7 players for each individual league.

What is an MCL Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a helper in the MCL Discord. They work with the Management team is making sure the discord is running smoothly and answering any questions the community may have. The members have a lot of experience within the MCL and its leagues.

There are currently no applications to apply for this team. Stay tuned to our Discord for more information on when we release this program. https://mpcleague.org/mcl

What is a Global Director and Global Manager?

Global Directors are 'executives' of the MCL. They oversee all three leagues, make final decisions in the decision-making body of leagues and make sure the league directors are operating their league accordingly.

The 1 Global Director is: @AJ | Trajectories (aj@mpcleague.org)

Global Managers assist the Global Directors with overseeing the three leagues. They manage and evaluate the staff and make sure they're doing their jobs. They make sure newly promoted managers are trained with their new responsibilities and help them with any issues they may have.

The 3 Global Managers are: @GUNZxNxROSEZ (rommel@mpcleague.org) , @Malfunction (danny@mpcleague.org) and Naxyi (naxyi@mpcleague.org)

What are Required Games?

Required Games are games that your team is required to play to continue to progress within each individual season per game league.
  • If both teams do not participate in their required game, both teams will be disqualified.
  • In order for Required Games to be official, there must be a Referee at every required game, so please schedule accordingly!
  • You must play your required game prior to the time your game is due.

How long does a player have to wait to play in a comp match after switching teams?

When you have just been added to a roster, you must wait 48 hours before playing in a competitive/required scrim.

If you are caught playing before 48 hours, the match you played will be cancelled and you will be forced to redo the entire scrim.

How do I report a player?

You can report a player here.

How do I get un-blacklisted?

You can get un-blacklisted by submitting a blacklist appeal here.

How do I add Media?

Visit the Media page.

Under your profile picture, click the button labeled add media.


Choose the corresponding category for your Media.


If you've selected 'Videos' you can simply upload a video directly from your computer or embed a Video.


If you've selected 'Artwork' you can simply upload an image from your computer.


Can I play while being blacklisted?

You can only play casual scrims! You can NOT play in a competitive scrim (or required game) while being blacklisted. If you are caught with an alt on the roster and your main is blacklisted the team is risking a removal from the league.
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