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Mine-Strike League

Mine-Strike Competitive League

All F.A.Q's about the Mine-Strike Competitive League.

Why is soundboosting allowed?

Mine-Strike is closely related to CSGO. In Mine-Strike you cannot hear footsteps well. If you would like to boost your sounds for a more "CSGO"-esque feel, this is fine.

What's an Eco-Round?

An Eco-Round consists of buying very little items, approximately spending less than $1000. When buying on an Eco it's most common to purchase either grenades or kevlar. In different scenarios some players attempt buying a semi-expensive gun to do a bigger impact. The main idea is to save your money for the following round so you and your team can buy together.

What is ELO and how does it work?

The Minestrike Competitive League now uses an ELO ranking system to rank teams into five separate tiers. An ELO ranking system is a mathematical method of calculating the skill and placement of each team in the league. The highest tier achievable in the league is Tier 1, and the lowest is Tier 4.

When two team face each other, the winner will gain a certain amount of ELO, and the losers will lose ELO. The amount of ELO gained and lost depend on the teams that are playing. There will also be ELO reductions to teams that receive blacklists and fail to complete required and placement matches.

What do we do when we don't have enough players for a game?

If it's a casual/friendly you can just ask people to sub in. It doesn't matter if they're in your team or not.

If it's a league scrim, you then have 15 minutes after the original game start time (the referee can extend this time depending on the circumstance) to get 5 players for the game. Otherwise you'll have to either forfeit, which will result in the other team winning the game, or you can play a 3v5/4v5 against the other team. You're still able to get subs from your team to make it a 5v5.

What do I do if I think a player is cheating in a casual and/or a league scrim?

Whenever you find that a player seems suspicious just call for a Screenshare. A Screenshare is the method MSCL refs use to find out if a player is cheating in the game. (Via Skype/Join.Me). Whenever a Screenshare is called upon it is heavily recommended to get a ref that knows how to SS and/or the managers of the league, MSCL Director, or even the Global Director. However if the case is ever to happen punishments can be made if somebody who wasn't mentioned above brings up strong detailed evidence to get the player blacklisted.

What are the roles?

Each of the roles, for example, "Rifler, AWP, Support, Lurker and Entry", are all roles that people play as when you are on a team. Usually. you put your player that is the best at using rifles as a rifler. You usually put people who use a sniper rifle to the best of their ability as an AWPer. You don't need to fill all these roles to in order to join the league, but they are helpful.

What are MSCL Required Games?

Required games are issued by the league staff to be completed by the teams involved. The teams are given until the end of the month to schedule a required game with their opponent, and failure to schedule one may result in a kick from the league. Once you've come up with a time for this, contact a manager to add it to the doc.

How does map picking in MSCL work?

The map pool of Comp MS consists of 7 maps and in a comp game a total of 2 to 3 maps are played. With this, 2 teams have the opportunity to reject (a.k.a veto) 2 maps they won't like to play as well as choosing 1 map they would like to play.

How do I submit a report on a player for toxicity or anything else?

Make an account on the website and explain the situation, with proof, about the toxicity of this specific person. To explain, make a report under the "League Reports" section and specify (whatever u need).

How do I schedule a MSCL scrimmage and get it on the doc?

To schedule a league scrim the leader of a team would have to PM the leader of the team that he/she would like to challenge to a scrim. (Leaders chat on Skype is useful to contact thus leaders). Once scheduled and sorted out the leader of any of the two teams would tell any of the 5 managers/MSCL Director/Global Director to put the scrim onto the doc and prepare referees for the game.
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