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What is a Global Director and Global Manager?

Global Directors are 'executives' of the MCL. They oversee all three leagues, make final decisions in the decision-making body of leagues and make sure the league directors are operating their league accordingly.

The 1 Global Director is: @AJ | Trajectories (aj@mpcleague.org)

Global Managers assist the Global Directors with overseeing the three leagues. They manage and evaluate the staff and make sure they're doing their jobs. They make sure newly promoted managers are trained with their new responsibilities and help them with any issues they may have.

The 3 Global Managers are: @GUNZxNxROSEZ (rommel@mpcleague.org) , @Malfunction (danny@mpcleague.org) and Naxyi (naxyi@mpcleague.org)
Dec 19, 2016
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