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Champions League Update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by GUNZxNxROSEZ, Jul 24, 2016.


    GUNZxNxROSEZ Global Manager

    Hey everyone!

    The Champions League team has a major update to bring you guys and it's pretty important for players who are interested in learning about the league and also getting their team into the league.

    As some of you may know, the CCL (Champions Competitive League) had over 80+ teams, with about 2 dozen inactive teams, many issues within the league itself, etc. This update covers all of this!

    Here is a quick cap of the CCL update:
    • Champions Trial League has been removed
    • Maximum of 24 teams allowed in the CCL
    • Points system have been removed
    • Placement Games implemented

    Champions Trial League Removed
    Sadly, the Champions Competitive Trial League will be getting removed and will no longer be a "program" or "step" within the CCL. The CCL Team have an abundant about of responsibilities to do within the league itself and we don't have enough "extra time" to manage another league (in reality, a sub-league). Hiring more staff is not the solution, please do not suggest this as we have enough staff to do a lot within the league, getting about 2-3 more managers just to manage a sub-league won't be necessary.

    CCL Team Cap
    With the amount of teams we had in the league, we were not able to keep on managing all of the teams and all the update requests that were being made. We had many reasons to limit/cap the amount of teams:
    • Teams not knowing what the CCL was
    • Skilled teams comp scrimming new teams for wins
    • Inactive/Dead teams
    • Required games not being done
    • Huge amount of update requests and team issues
    The only solution to this was putting a cap that was "just right". No certain cap was perfect as nothing is perfect, however with the team cap, we can see which teams are good enough to be in the league

    Placement & Required Games Implemented
    Placement Games work a little like required games. At the time of this thread being posted, these are the required games:
    • Entropy vs Vendetta
    • Dauntless vs Asylum
    • Evolved vs Energy
    • Eclipse vs Serpentine
    • ToastBurst vs Terminus
    • Genesis vs Premiere
    • Dentless vs Allah
    • Hexel vs Pulse
    • Endeavour vs Ascend
    • Celica vs Huntsmen
    • HS vs Creed
    • Elemental vs Abiotics
    Those are the required games, must be finished within two weeks. Next, the managers themselves picked out the tiers and we are unsure on some of the tiers, so we are doing this for the first and last time "Placement Scrims". Teams on the left will be defending their tier vs the teams on the right, this is to make sure the tiers we have picked out are correct and accurate.

    At the time of this thread being posted, these are the placement games:
    • Asylum vs Vendetta
    • Evolved vs Eclipse
    • Energy vs Genesis
    • Terminus vs Endeavour
    • Premiere vs Allah
    If the team on the left wins, they keep their tier, if the team on the right wins, they get moved up a tier and the team on the left gets moved down a tier. You also have two weeks to schedule these games.

    Regarding all the active teams that have been kicked off from the CCTL, we have something planned for you guys, might keep the CCTL up as a different league, or a whole new idea, still undecided, but just know you're in mind. Lastly, rosters will be unlocked.

    That's it for this CCL Update! If you have any questions or concerns post them below :)
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    Last edited: Jul 25, 2016
  2. JChaoMC

    JChaoMC New Member

  3. BerserkerSlayer

    BerserkerSlayer New Member

    A little bit sad I guess with the team cap, but I guess do what's gotta be done.
  4. Zl0b

    Zl0b New Member

    I like the update though not a very good thing for me :/
  5. omg9001

    omg9001 New Member

    Just a quick question, what would this mean for players looking to create clans? Is the CCL just going to deny all applications from here on out, or will there be some kind of sub-division in which teams that do not qualify for the top 24 can compete for said positions?

    GUNZxNxROSEZ Global Manager

    We have disabled the CCL Team Registrations function for the site as the league is now invite only.

    ^ this should answer your question(s) :)
  7. omg9001

    omg9001 New Member

    Ah, thanks.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 28, 2016 ---
    One last thing, what would constitute as an "invite"? Would it be that to join the CCL, you'd need a specific invitation from a League manager...? If so, how would said managers determine which teams to send invites to...?
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 28, 2016 ---
    .-. Sorry for so many questions, but I'm curious.

    GUNZxNxROSEZ Global Manager

    It comes to a unanimous vote with the management team of the CCL.

    Who invites you can be any manager, however in regards to you (or your team) being invited is discussed with the entire management team of the CCL + Global Director (Jesusman3)
  9. ArchSlayer

    ArchSlayer New Member

    Hi, I just recently created an account so I could create a team with some friends, but it seems judging by the statements on the forums that the ability to create teams has been disabled. Is there any estimated time when this feature may come back? I've been looking into all the rules and details of the league and am interested in joining (To have fun! :D).

    GUNZxNxROSEZ Global Manager

    Hey there!

    At the moment, only Champions league team registrations are closed, however you're free to apply your team in the Mine-Strike League or Bridges League.

    As for reopening the CCL Team Registrations, we have no ETA on when we will open them up. For now it's invite only.
  11. zNitrox_

    zNitrox_ New Member

    Hey there! I would like to know if there is any banned skills from the ccl that your not able to use at comp matches
  12. Vilare

    Vilare CCL & Commentator Manager

    Hi there!
    There are some banned and limited skills within the CCL. Here's the list of them as of right now.

    ~Only one Hold Position Knight or Void Mage maximum per team in a game.
    ~Explosive Arrow is capped at level 2.
    ~ Viper Strikes is banned.
    ~Only one Dwarf Toss Brute maximum per team per game.
    ~Only one Inimidation brute maximum per team per game
    ~Only 2 brutes maximum per team in a game
    ~Only one Colossus Brute maximum per team in a game.

    For more information on rules within the CCL please visit this part of the doc!
  13. zNitrox_

    zNitrox_ New Member

  14. Wolfii

    Wolfii New Member

    So are there any plans to re-open team registration?

    GUNZxNxROSEZ Global Manager

    They are open at the moment, this update was made a while ago. :)
  16. theEpicPotat0

    theEpicPotat0 New Member

    yay i can finally register my team!
    its been sooooo long since i've scrimmed...
  17. zNitrox_

    zNitrox_ New Member

    Where can I see the allowed maps in ccl?

    GUNZxNxROSEZ Global Manager

    Check out the FAQ and click Champions League

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