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Happy New Years!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by GUNZxNxROSEZ, Dec 31, 2016.


    GUNZxNxROSEZ Global Manager

    Hey, everyone!

    I just want to say Happy New Years to all of the Mineplex and MCL community on behalf of the MCL Team :) We hope you guys have an amazing last day of 2016 and an amazing and safe night too.

    We have a lot of new things coming to the MCL, including all of the leagues and something new being added, :rolleyes: what could it be?

    We know we haven't been using the site to announce many things, but we will more often now! So, with that being said, check out our social media below:
    Also, check out our league Discords down below:

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