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Introducing League Bots!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by GUNZxNxROSEZ, Jan 8, 2017.


    GUNZxNxROSEZ Global Manager


    We have added bots to our league Discords and they come with some cool features like viewing a team roster, and even updating your team through Discord!

    First things first, you need to be in one of our Discords: Champions Discord | Mine-Strike Discord | Bridges Discord. Then, according to the Discord you're in, you will type: !cclhelp (Champions), !msclhelp (Mine-Strike), and !bclhelp (Bridges).

    You will get a response from the according bot which should look something like this:

    Help - !cclhelp: The help is to bring up that message again.

    Player - !player <name>: This command can be used to search for anyone that is on a team. When searching for a player it will show you this:
    If the player is not on a team, the bot will tell you.

    Report - !report <player> <server> <offense>: This command will alert all referees in that league. When you file a report, our staff see this:
    NOTE: Please understand if you abuse this command and spam this with false information you will be blacklisted from using any commands of the bot.

    Roster - !roster <team name>: This command will print out the entire roster of their team and position (if it's Mine-Strike it prints out what role they play: AWP, Rifler, Support, etc.)

    Update - !update: This is the coolest feature it has, this will be able to allow you to update your team immediately through Discord.
    Now please understand we have a cooldown for this which is 1 day. Reason being is we don't want people adding people whenever they want. Depending on how it runs and if we start seeing a lot of people abusing this we might either remove the feature, remove your access from using it or even bring down the cooldown.​

    Once you are done and type in ^CONFIRM, the bot will then proceed with your confirmation message:
    NOTE: Please understand if you abuse this command and add a player that is on another roster you will be blacklisted from using any commands for the bot and may lead to your team receiving consequences.

    Now, you can even invite these bots to your own Discord! Just click the links below and you're good to go :)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Also, please sure to thank Qatalyst for developing the bots and welcoming him into the MCL team!
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  2. Jwbaz

    Jwbaz BCL Referee

    You guys did a really good job with this. It is functional and looks good.
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  3. Newo

    Newo New Member

    I like it. I'll have my leaders install the CCL bot in our discord :)
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  4. Necrai

    Necrai New Member

    Hey, that's pretty good.
  5. TokkyWokky

    TokkyWokky New Member

    i can reply to this
  6. txh

    txh BCL Referee

    Really useful, and really easily accessible! Great work on these bots :)

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