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MSCL Tournament - The Asylum

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jesusman3, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Jesusman3

    Jesusman3 League Referee

    Alright, the tournament is finallyyy out! So first off, this tournament was named “The Asylum” and it’s a unique tournament, with a prize included. Now, the prize won’t be said now, but it’ll be good ! Now, like I said players that are now currently blacklisted are still able to participate within the tournament, but if you are blacklisted for cheating, you have to record every scrim and post it within twenty four hours or your team will be kicked from within the tournament. No exceptions whats so ever, 24 hours. This tournament also has special twists that will be announced at the end! Now, what makes this tournament special? It’s not a team tournament, its a community tournament. Therefore, that means teams must consist of one player from each team. Example - 1 Player from AUT, one from NGA, one from CAD. one from EVO, and one from NRG makes one team. If you have 2 players from NGA for example, and 3 others, then its an auto deny. However, we will let players make their own teams and submit them to a link, you can make a unique team name for the tourney. Also, you MUST have 6 players on your team. 5 Players and a sub, you cannot have less than six players and you cannot have more than six players.

    Link (to apply) https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d...CGZn5hb4YKb5Bz4SOtH3zpasdkS67K3eGOhQ/viewform

    "The Asylum" || MSCL Tourney Trailer

    You will have until Sunday (9/11) to submit a team application. Any players who change their team from now will be counted as part of their old team. This way Person A on NRG for example can't join CAD only for the tourney so he can team up with someone in NRG. Therefore, as of now (9/7) is how rosters and teams will be checked. Any roster updates from now won't affect the tourney.
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  2. __POGO__

    __POGO__ New Member

    So how many ppl do we sign in
    the hole team or just 5 members
  3. Jesusman3

    Jesusman3 League Referee

    Hello, so you would need to sign up exactly 6 players, however like the rules say none of these players can be on the same team roster !
  4. Creeper

    Creeper New Member

    Why does this have to be like this... I dont understand
  5. Covalt

    Covalt New Member

    I like your cat.
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