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New Website & Information

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by GUNZxNxROSEZ, Jul 17, 2016.


    GUNZxNxROSEZ Global Manager

    Hello everyone!

    As the title says, the new website is complete! Now, for those wondering what happened to the old website, a lot of stuff happened that doesn't really need to be told to the public. Anyway, moving on with the site, yes it's entirely new and unfortunately, everything is going to have to start fresh.

    We now have an official Mineplex Competitive League twitter! You can visit it here: https://twitter.com/mpcleague. If you ever need help, just tweet at us and one of the league managers will reply. Another way to contact us is visiting the Contact Staff forum and creating a thread. The thread will only be visible to higher-up staff.

    We also have integrated a FAQ into the new site. You can visit it by clicking 'FAQ' at the top or typing in https://mpcleague.org/faq into your web address bar. Anything you should know may be in there already, before you ask the staff! If the answer you're looking for isn't already there, then you can ask a question by looking for the Ask a Question button on the left. A staff member will do the rest :)

    We have added an amazing feature to the site, in which allows you to show off your artwork or videos! Just click the Media tab at the top and browse some videos or art others have made. You can also rate and download them as well.
    Note inappropriate videos and/or images is strictly prohibited and can result in a forum ban.​
  2. Vilare

    Vilare CCL & Commentator Manager

    Loving the new changes to the website! Great work guys! :)
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  3. sharpp

    sharpp New Member

    hot new website
    i like it
    but i couldnt tell at first how to log in because the log in button is a key
    which is great
    but i like the website
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  4. txh

    txh BCL Referee

    I really love all the changes you guys made to the website. On the mobile website I'm not sure if its any different than the web version but I feel like its a lot easier to navigate and get to places I need to be. I especially like the new Media section on the forums, which I think I suggested in a post on the last website. Super excited, good work on the website.
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  5. Jwbaz

    Jwbaz BCL Referee

    Well done, the website looks great!
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  6. Zl0b

    Zl0b New Member

    Website looks amazing, Great job xD
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  7. txg_

    txg_ New Member

    Lovin this new website :D
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  8. xRqdZ

    xRqdZ New Member

    This a epic website. I give u props!!
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