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Tilt Recruitment

Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by Platiborg, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Platiborg

    Platiborg New Member

    Hello! I'm Platiborg, a fairly well known competitive champions player and leader of the new team Tilt. We're looking for people to recruit so i'll just be straight forward. If you think your good enough write this:

    Champions skill: out of 10 *ex. 6/10*
    Time in the ccl:
    Scrim knowledge: *What strategies do you know? You need to have at least a decent knowledge*
    Kit(s) you main: *If assassin are you a gem assassin or pvp assassin and can you gem time?* *If brute can you slam boost assassin?* *If knight can you shield smash boost assassin?* *If ranger can you gem time?*
    Times you're on:

    If you're accepted we'll set a time for tryouts and if you make it through that you're in!

    *Being mature and being a main in either assassin or ranger increases your chances of getting accepted*
  2. David

    David New Member

    10 months
    alot of stuff
    yes i an play both assassin and broot
    yeee im maure.
  3. Platiborg

    Platiborg New Member

    What's your discord?
  4. CrunchaLunch

    CrunchaLunch New Member

    IGN: CrunchaLunch I also have TITAN rank
    Age: 14
    Champions skill: 8/10
    Time in the ccl: None but i am very good at regular Champions
    Scrim knowledge:I dont know alot but i can work well with a team and communicate with others,I can learn alot about it if i get accepted because if i'm in i want to try my best so doing this will help me.
    Kit(s) you main:I main Knight and my Secondary would be Assassin, I have two knight builds for various things. My first one is for 1v1s and maybe 1v2s but its mainly for survival and sustain support,My Second build is for 1v2 and 1v3 and for capping points of defending it doesn't do as much damage but its better at holding a point

    I usually run One assassin build its mainly for moving around the map quickly and capping points/gems efficiently i haven't learned how to time gems yet but if needed i will

    Times you're on:I'm usually on alot of the day i can usually play after school at 4:10 or on weekends most of the day but i will be playing other games or making Youtube videos
    Timezone: PST - Pacific Standard Time
    Extra:I have 560 wins at the time of this post and i can get 15-20 Dom wins or 35-45 TDM wins, I only have 70(something) wins but when i do play i usually play with friends so i can communicate with them, So it is easier to win games. I have a good computer and recording wont make me lag, So i can record our games(if you want)

    Well thats pretty much it if u want to know anything else just reply and hopefully i can join
    Have a nice day!


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